Emily’s Dining Room

Another project for our daughter’s 1960’s house. This was originally a living room with the front door opening directly into the room. She wanted to convert this room into a dining room. The first thing we did was to build a foyer wall at the door end of the room, which gave direct access into the family room, and a 6′ cased opening led into this dining room. We then ripped out the carpet to expose the oak hardwood floor that matched the rest of the house. However, one end of this room had suffered badly from pet urine stains and they would not sand out of the wood. So I took all the stained wood out, and replace it all with new red oak flooring. Once sanded and finished, it matched the rest of the house perfectly. To make the wall unit, we purchased a few pre-made cabinet bases and capped them with a white tile countertop. I later made some pullout trays for the lower part of the bases so she could access those areas easier. Some new paint, quarter-round, and crown molding finished it off.

Em Dr Cab


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