A Bead Board Project

This project was done for some good friends in Georgia. Their large kitchen was covered in dated wallpaper. They asked if I could install a bead board wainscot around the room. We began by removing all the drywall to a height of 4 feet. Next I shimmed out ALL of the studs to bring the new bead board out to the same plane as the upper drywall. This was necessary so that the baseboards and door casings and window casings would all be in the original plane in the room which would allow all of the new installation to meet with the old trim on the doors and in adjacent rooms. Next we stripped all of the wallpaper from the upper drywall, repaired all dings and scrapes, applied a coat of primer, followed by 2 coats of Sherwin-Williams Bridgewater Tan. The bead board received 2 coats of white semigloss. This project took 6 days.


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