Garage Cabinets

This large 3-car garage needed storage. I designed this unit to consist of 4 boxes, each one 30″ wide, giving a total of 120″ (or 10 feet) of storage. Each box was built from 1 sheet of birch plywood. The doors and drawer fronts were made of MDF panels with European hinges and full-extension drawer glides. The drawer boxes and bottoms were built using 1/2″ cabinet plywood. The hardware was made from 1/2″ copper pipe, caps, and hangers. The face frames consist of 1×2 poplar pieces. I decided to leave off the normal face frame stile between each door in order to gain better access to the inside. Each cabinet also has a small shelf against the back wall for more flexible storage use. The top of the unit is MDF with several coats of polyurethane and trimmed out with 1×2 poplar. The pegboard is 1 large sheet mounted on furring strips and then trimmed out very simply. Everything was primed and painted to match the existing wall color.

This side of the garage had no electrical outlets so I installed a dedicated 20-amp GFCI circuit with 3 new outlets before beginning the build. I also installed 3 florescent lighting units.

One of the challenges with this project was dealing with the garage floor which sloped from the back wall to the door. The brick ledge for the foundation also extended into this space. I struck a level line at my desired cabinet height, then hung each box to that level. Then I fabricated small “T” supports from 2×4 lumber pieces to support the fronts of each cabinet to the sloping floor. The toe-kick panel hides these supports

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