Bathroom Project

This client wanted to me tile practically their entire bathroom. I made great use of the Schluter line of products with this project, with Kerdi membrane on the shower walls and base, Ditra under the floor tiles, and the Schluter Shower System which includes the shower base, drain assembly, and curbing. I also installed a Noble Shower Niche, which works well with the waterproof membrane. We enlarged their shower from 3×4 to 4×4. To keep everything centered I had to relocate the shower valve and floor drain. The floor drain work revealed some rotted sub flooring under the old shower pan. This was replaced and re-leveled before installing the new shower base. I also rebuilt the step to the bathtub. This step originally consisted of a plank sitting on stacks of bricks, with a few globs of construction adhesive to hold it together! It’s amazing what some builders use before they cover things up. Two new vanities, mirrors, sink fixtures, and lights were installed. The client chose all their own materials and I installed it per their requests.

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